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16 oz. - Jadam Wetting Agent (by Mindfully Rooted)

16 oz. - Jadam Wetting Agent (by Mindfully Rooted)

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After much request we are excited to offer Jadam Wetting Agent made with passion  in small batches by our friends @MindfullyRooted in San Diego California. 

JWA is a natural emulsifier and suffocant.  Used to help repel pest and provide even coverage of foliar sprays on the surface of the leaves. This recipe was originally released by JADAM as open source. This is used in combination with other JADAM inputs like a herbal solution and others, as a natural pest management system. 

This makes between 8-16 gallons. Perfect for small/medium size garden applications. 

According to JADAM, JWA is 99.99% biodegradable within 5 days. Shipping includes in price. 

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