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SD Microbes

BierKashi Composting System (with BierKashi Bokashi)

BierKashi Composting System (with BierKashi Bokashi)

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*All Bokashi Products ship ONLY to Lower 48 States*

Our BierKashi Composting system has everything you need to get started recycling those foods scraps back into your soil !!!  

Each system includes:

- BierKashi Bokashi in a zero waste biodegradable burlap sack with biodegradable insert. 

-One 5 gallon Bucket

- One Airtight Gamma Seal Lid

- Bokashi Composting Instructions 

- SD Microbes sticker

Bokashi the BETTER and EASY WAY! No need to drain the bucket daily!

*This system does not come with a spigot.* We find this to be a much better method. And also removes the need for daily maintanence. Bokashi composting is a fermentation process. So the less air, the better the fermentation. Buckets with spigots tend to let air in which is why leachate goes bad fast. Hence the need to drain daily

Upgrade your system with the Airscape lid here <

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